We are Kidz Biz

A Social Responsibility

Here at Kidz Biz, we know that Children ARE our future. And it's this knowledge that drives every decision.

From building sustainability practices and reducing plastic waste (Goodbye bottled water), to sourcing equipment and even our produce local first.

We might not get it right straight away, but we are constantly striving to update our business practices, minimise our global impact on resources and improve sustainability.

Look out for our new initiatives over the coming weeks and months, as well as updated menu options that cater to varied dietary choices and activities designed for a range of different abilities.

If you own or know of a business or company that aligns with our ethos, get in touch and let us know how a collaboration could benefit the Tweed community.

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We put our money where our mouth is!

Every child deserves access to free, clean drinking water!

We make this commitment to you, water will always be FREE at Kidz Biz!

From the 1st of November, filtered water will be made available to each table.

Prefer Sparkling? Well you're in luck, on tap sparkling will be available for a small fee per 700ml.

Kidz Biz is a sponsor of wateraid.org a charity committed to providing clean drinking water worldwide.

Keep an eye out for our live fundraising tracker to see how we are making a difference.